Each month you will find new stories in the following categories:

Personal Essays

Essays will be narrative and experiential, chronicling my everyday life experiences and reflecting on them. Occasionally, I will do a more topical essay. Whether serious, humorous, or satirical, some light touches will be thrown in where appropriate or desirable.

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Memoir Musings

In composing chapters for a memoir project, I have discovered that I write chapters best by free writing about a memory or scene from the past and then building chapters around the free writes. Many of these free writes will appear in this section of the website. I will also include memoir pieces from other periods or aspects of my life experience.

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Cat Scratches

As a departure from the more serious writing of memoir and essays, I like to play around with writing about my cats and their friends. These pieces are written as free form poems and an occasional story. Because my cats sometimes talk to or “claw mail” their friends in these pieces, I mess around with a special dialect which I call “Cat English” to make the cat-speak sound authentic.

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My Name is David Knoepfle

I like to scratch around and explore scenes from everyday experience, examining these events for clarity and understanding. Themes will be varied from unsettling and mysterious to calm and soothing, maybe even spiritual at times. Some writing will be simply entertaining and humorous, sometimes satirical.

Sensory details are my friends. I love to engage and cultivate them for a sensory, earthy experience. You will notice my “love affair” with the present tense. I use it at every opportunity. I love to take the reader back with me to allow a scene to unfold and to be experienced all over again. Of course, my perceptions and reflection may be different from that of each reader, who will bring his or her own background and tastes to this writing.

I write for the purposes of discovering, amusing, entertaining, and simply sharing. My hope is that you will be inspired and delighted by some of what you find here.

I have found that my two cats, Patches and Cokie, are great partners in the process of sensing, reflecting, and writing, thus the website title, Scratches, Purrs, and Gravy Treats.

Please feel free to email me at: david@davidknoepfle.com